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Slow PC’s are infuriating, lets fix it

Slow PC’s performance can be improved with following the steps below. For more complicated IT services you’ll need a service provider specialising in IT Support Belfast or throughout the UK.

Check the free space on the Cdrive: If this is more that 75% full then its likely that you will start to experience slow-down of the system. Try archiving off some data that you no longer need or investing in a bigger Hard Drive.

Delete temporary files: These can take up valuable space on the Drive so its good practice to clear them out regularly or set up a schedule to do this.

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An old slow laptop in need of some help

Check for Viruses and Malware, Run a virus scan manually if no schedule is setup. If anything is found then remove it and rescan to make sure its gone. You will probably have to restart the machine during this process. Once clear of virus definitions, run a Malware Scan. There are many quality malware products out there. Malwarebytes is one of them.


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Remove programs from Startup.  Click start and type “msconfig” this will bring up a dialogue box with all the applications the machine is loading on startup.  Un-check all that you do not need running in the background. The only real benefit of having these programs running in the background is that they will start faster when you do click to open them up.

De-fragment De-fragment De-fragment

As suggested above, De-fragment.  This will tidy up files on your drive that have been broken up into different sectors and in turn you will see an improvement in speed and responsiveness.

Schedule updates.  You can also schedule automatic updates to run on your PC when you are not using it. For example lunchtime is good as you will be away from the desk and not competing with the updates for processor power.

What can the UK learn from the US about data loss?

I spotted a report the other day detailing the effect of data loss on US businesses, which made pretty interesting reading for anyone interested in Cloud Backup UK.  It got me thinking what (if anything) could UK based businesses learn from our friends across the pond.  The report was called American Business Continuity and Disaster recovery, detailing the leading causes of data loss in the US.

I notice a massive 32% is simply down to human error, which basically boils down to dropping the device or accidentally deleting everything on the disk.  By this time I’m convinced we’re talking about old methods of backing up data and not in fact a reliable cloud based backup system which would of course eliminate this section of data loss.  A whole 32% extra  of the UK’s data is now safe thanks to us!  I read on,  next on the billing is the somewhat catchall term of “Hardware Malfunctions”, again I’m assuming here we’re talking about a server or PC or device which is not being backed up at all.

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This is a whopping 44% of all data loss in the US!!!!  So again I come back to the point that UK Business could and should adopt a secure and automated way to backup their critical data to the backup uk

Then we have 3% caused by natural disasters… Now I’m not saying cloud services will stop earthquakes.  But a reliable cloud backup company will have your data stored in multiple geographical locations.  So its not perfect but better than putting a tape drive in your brief case and taking it home every night!

Whats the right Cloud Backup solution for your Business?

Many businesses in the Uk are still using old out-of-date solutions for backing up their business critical data.  These methods range from backing up your business server to an external drive and even more out of date to tape drives!

Insert image of tape drive

These methods have been around for years, since the first computer tape drive made by Remington Rand in 1951 in fact.

In 2007 Gartner predicted  the demise of tape in favour of online backup (or cloud) storage backup.  The prediction is proving correct and the major shift is almost complete.  The tape backup is dead!

The cloud computing model has truly taken off and has been rapidly growing in market share since its inception in the mid 1980’s.  The upgrade in infrastructure to broadband and fast internet speeds finally made the solution a viable and more reliable method of backing up critical data for your business.

Benefits such as scalable volume and attractive pricing further pushed the technology forward making the solution available to both business and home users.  It’s important to note the differing services offered to the 2 sections of the market. Business services usually come with business quality support packages and in some cases fully managed monitoring of the data.  Whereas home users may have to take the responsibility of restoring and managing the snapshots themselves, along with slower response times on support requests.  Or even just knowledge based articles to refer to, which can be very stressful in the instance of critical data loss.